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President's suite of luxurious, the Sa Lei is to have never seen, but Liao learns a soldier with this kind of scale pay to have a meal is remembering one and only, his boy must be climb to attach a hair ocean wealth in shell house.Hurtle this, can not refuse, either BE?
Wine satisfied rice foot, the Sa Lei once connects the data that he brings and knit the brows a way:"Is a little bit difficult, however I as far as possible, if don't have an accident.You will see his last news on the newspaper tomorrow morning."Learned soldier to lend several ten pieces of travel expenseses with Liao, take profit by special situation a few cigars, shake to sway to go out but go to.
Ran tiger Long Jia is in the gingko road, that is 1 be located in strange, the residents are few, environment tranquil and enjoyable and quiet road segment.If the nearby scenery beauty draws.Have results to show a slice of ground maple wood and pure garden pond.It is many to become famous later painter's artists to all like to settle down here, look after a natural span of life.
His wife often the year mix a vestige in medium the sea upper-class society social intercourse turn, there are two sons, all at in the sea university study.So-called Meng mother three move, near Zhu Zhe Chi, for making the kid get the smoked pottery of art, so bought a house to settle down here.A set of unique 2 F villa, also have big veranda can hold a small scaled party in the open.Ever since that time two sons grew up hereafter.Often take some bunch of rascals back all night party, clamor noise, pour and pursue the serene painter to severals and be compelled and walk.
The Ran tiger dragon then hardly goes home, but at company headquarters, but stay overnight in the ayuntamiento-this is certainly doing to lead for superior to see.More time and business cooperate a colleague to go to bar, night club and take a bath center to seek joys to have a good time.Work demand, wife can turn a blind eye.
The peacetime will have secretary and a shell a life time Xiang supply his bodyguard be attendant.But now is a troublous times, the bodyguard is at least many 56, and shell after brave Xiao have an accident, public alerts all wanted than the past severe get many.
He can't definitely have idea again to clap mayoral〃? Ma Pi and also have no mood and the business colleague's amusement to the ayuntamiento, but foolish in the home study situation currently.
The data is very detailed, up have him since the childhood big parts of history records, there is also personal personality characteristics analysis, and the member of the family data, relation net, whom oner good terms, the interest loves, almost the big and small is entirely.The Sa Lei finishes seeing one by one, admire to the intelligence report troops of shell a life time Xiang complete prostration.
Sought a telephone booth in the wayside, stired the residence telephone of Ran house, connect to listen to at a women:"Who do you seek?"The Sa Lei is said with the very mild tone:" Dragon at?How to hide in the home, does the company still have a document to want him to sign."
"At …… , not at, don't know him to go to which."That person hanged a telephone right away.
Seeing to the friend of Ran tiger dragon all generally would directly stir to beat his ground a cellular phone and made residence telephone call to arouse the other party ground alertness.However by so doing also made sure him in the home.
The Sa Lei multiplies by to rent a car to arrive at gingko road, the very far street corner has been already got off.The villa that finds out a Ran tiger dragon, not from secretly complain of hard lot, mama of, fence all cloth charged barbed wire net, you close a prisoner also need not so?
Because often year at poor on-line struggle, he doesn't have the excellent material of common cutthroat and otherwise seek system Gao Dian delitescence, take to attack by surprise a gun, there is opportunity in the head quarter.The ear is a , seem to have the watchdog the voice for shouting that the Chi shouts Chi in yard, this is more impending.
The pedestrian packed in a hurry but led, at pay no attention rounded big 1 turn in the hospital of Ran house.Made the telephone of Ran tiger son Long call, used hoarsely voice to say:"Bird hair!Come out quickly
I am at down stairs in your house."
"Who are you ?"
"Even could not listen to my voiceses, I am a monkey!Just cheated a Jing girl, did you want to play?My telephone is getting worse, what to use is the other people's cellular phone."The Sa Lei learns the data that the soldier provides to make son Ran of Ran tiger dragon hope to believe firmly to doubt not according to Liao.
The Ran hopes to answer very difficult:"This ……can wait to in a couple of days say again?My house's old headman doesn't know what trouble, these several days, the tube must die hopeless situation, even the school didn't make me go as well."

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