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"Are you what mean?Who be person's sweetheart?You is this to drink?You this is to intentionally pick up quarrel.We is what this does a teahouse, can have wine to sell?"Woman ground voice more and more of exasperation, be like want to charge forward to bite several eloquences to feel avenged.
"Hey.I didn't say your this teahouse to sell wine, I just want to drink.Beautiful day, lovely view, beauty, old friend, has this four good, don't drink one cup will be happy?"The man makes a mess of to pretty tie up ground to say.
"The person of the business, don't know that the customer is a god's truth?I need wine, do you buy not to go for me?I give not rise these tips?"You are to rise for ground, we don't welcome you to come in as well.You this character troubled my guest how do?"
"I was this what character?I this dresses up not good?Do I trouble them?They trouble me still about.A 's being dressed in to pour is honourable body side, malely for steal a female of all bawdry, bad water of the full belly.Do I still looking at to spoil appetite."
The this time words were to consumedly give offense to a person.Come to all of most partses of drinking the teas are successful personages here.But this successful the personage all has the habit to wrap two milk and small honeys.There is the person of above 60% in this teahouse belonging to he says a ground of men as thieves, the woman is the category of bawdry.
Those man's facial expression that are said center is metal gray, but those women are a burst of and red and a burst of facial expression whites.Looking at that man, all want to go to Chuai up several feet.Can in this way, falsely represent oneself there is ghost in the heart?
"Give° him me to throw to go out."One's looking some background ground man cannoted see.Toward the bodyguard order of flank way.
The bodyguard must make, immediately the vehemence roaringly hurtled toward that bedlamite past.
"How to wear?Do you want to hit persons not to become?My drinking cup wine is all criminal, hit persons don't go against the law?"Man by hand inside that living a full copper rust ground the bronze sword point at that to wear black pack of the bodyguard drink a way.
"Bedlamite, beat of is you.Have skill you to report to the police."Is a shear short inch of of the bodyguard Be cold to say with a smile.
"I am originally kind, what then the reality forces good family girl into prostitution.I tell you, the small potato is also a dignity.Want to at will humiliate, the doors all have no."Man says, not only don't avert from two bodyguards to cooperate an attack.On the contrary such as fierce tiger descend mountain sort the ground hurtled to go out, it is how to make moves to also disappear, so one sword be clapped by him to turn over 1.
Those two bodyguard a round fell flop.And lie obfuscation on the ground don't come to.In addition to having a cake of the Yu scar for still being stained with to have yellow rust on the face, there is no injury in other places.
The person who rounds a view originally still has the bodyguard to want to let he or she to come up help ground and sees this eccentric so uncanny artistic skill, a sees the ground pouring to absorb an air conditioner.
"I say the last time again, you roll out for me."The teahouse owner's finger wears doorway to say.Today is been getting more careless for spirit by this bedlamite.One word teahouse at Su Hang He the He has, everybody knows very influential socially, peacetime which someone dare to come over to seek matter son?Is it happened that to come out this recklessly and blindly do thing to cause disturbance here today, let the none of boss's wives for living a comfortable life know how cope with just good.Or once meet this kind of matter
"Little girl.You think that you were a woman, didn't I dare to beat you?You think was what you grew beautiful me to loathe to give up to beat you?My Pei.Broad Er."The man ruthlessly towards an owner suspicion Cui one mouthful.
Hear an outside that eccentric such a words.Chen Mo Nong as if deep in thought the ground looking at an opposite leaf autumn.
"How?On my face there is a flower not become?"The autumn of the leaf beats cup to say.
"He this is some to be like you."Chen Mo Nong says.
"---------"The autumn of the leaf doesn't already is depressed,is oneself it that like to beat chemisette to flow a ruffian in her heart?
"How?Who cause trouble son in the teahouse?"Another voice with familiar spread to come over.
The autumn of the leaf is still puzzling this orotund landlord person is who why so ear Rehmannia time.Chen Mo Nong's just across the street small voice says:"Guo Cheng shone on to come."
"Does he how can come here?"Leaf autumn one face is interrogative.However the good play that thinks of foolish meeting son, in the mind again dark great not already.

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