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"Guo Cheng shines on a ground of reaction some oddness."Chen Mo Nong in a soft voice says.
Leaf the autumn head Be tiny to hang, mouth at Chen Mo thickly ear side, don't know as well is peep first her fine lower ear lobe of several eyes still holds firmly time to smell several her bodies up heavily flavor, or two carry on at the same time, wait until her sharp of head dynasty simultaneously avoid after avoiding, leaf autumn just say with a smile:"Guo Cheng shines on the exploitation value of discovering this monster, is winning hearts by illegitimate mean.I always make some people don't trust at Su Hang."
Ice snow cleverness of Chen Mo Nong, meaning immediately understood a leaf for autumn, looking at that eccentric to say:"Your meaning is to say, he wants the cooperation that talks with this bedlamite be for dealing with you?"
"Is probably that I am self-important certainly, he has another opponent also perhaps."The autumn of the leaf roars with laughter ground to say.
Guo Cheng shines on to walk up eccentric two, strong endure oneself to smell his body up that sour puckery let the taste that people want to vomit, attached by the side of the his ear to in whisper speak a few words.That man's eyes are immediately bright to get up, say:"Really?"
"Really."Guo Cheng shines on to finish saying and then feel funny, oneself so of and he Ye text, be like and ancient big Xia.They these mix on the way of, to ancient times that two big Xias chopping down last three days and three nights of storieses are to give a snicker very much, feel that kind of the behavior being very silly to force.They even like make secret arrangements in the at the back and clap brick to knock stuffy stick to put poison in to be fond of a medicine etc., so of very the rules means is that they usually use.Is in brief effective, talks about hero by success.
"Good.I promise you."The eccentric nods to say.
"Give him a cellular phone."Guo Cheng shines on a rightness after death of the bodyguard say.
"I need not that kind of thing.I temporarily at Su Hang, you should be able to seek to get me."The eccentric says.
"It is all right."Guo Cheng shines on to smile to clap the bosom beauty's shoulder and says:"Light rain, gives me of honored guest last good tea."
"This big Xia doesn't drink tea.Want to drink."Woman's idea is clever and extremely keen, see Guo Cheng shine on not to blame and scold this man and also draw together him, hurriedly changed looks to treat.
"Drink?"Guo Cheng shone on Leng Leng, the in the mind is dark to scold, this two Leng sons, run teahouse to drink.But mouth up still pretend to straightforwardly say:"Drinking the nature was to drink strong drink.Let people buy two bottles of Mao Tais."
Guo Cheng shines on to finish saying, walk toward the back yard of teahouse to, seem inside hidden but beautiful spot.That makes the woman of light rain order a bellboy of teahouse to hastily keeps up with Guo Cheng to shine on but goes to after buying the wine.
The autumn of the leaf and Chen Mo Nong is had been hiding person after, basically once submerged Guo Cheng shines on of method eye.
"Leave.Having no the jollification can see."The autumn of the leaf says with a smile.
"Etc.."That eccentric sees a leaf want to walk for autumn, the lance is horizontal to block to block fore noodles say:"You can not walk."
"Why can not walk?"The autumn of the leaf pulls Chen Mo Nong to after death and squints Jing to say with smile.
"I drink to satisfy four conditions.Beautiful day, time must be suitable.Not the ability is too early, also not the ability is too late.But just right this time.Lovely view, "is fine West Lake and not as West Lake as rain, rain is West Lake and not as West Lake as night", although end and night West Lake of Zi, this West Lake smoke rain diagram can also force to take with wine.Can this beauty old friend, the nature was two.You walked, I this wine pour is cannot drink."The eccentric a naturally ground tone says.
"That how do you want?"The autumn of the leaf isn't angry either, smile to ask a way.
"Accompany me to finish drinking three cups."
"I not and habitually accompany the man to drink.And is drink stuffy wine."
"I want you to accompany."
"That I can accompany you to beat a ."
The man hears an eye inside naked one Shan but lead, flip a sword body, sing a way:"Zhao Ke Man beard Ying, Wu Gou's frost and snow is clear.The silver saddle shines on a white horse, crowded like meteor.10 kills one person, a long distance doesn't stay a line.Matter kiss dress to go to, embed body and.The gentleman is used sword, but I call not to get gentleman.Use this have no Feng sword to finish three year ago an end definitely of war."

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