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"Seem to say to go out to fight.""Fight?Walk.See."Guo Cheng shines on to say and then stands up from the sofa and follows a group of persons to hastily walk out.
Wu more construct land mine Feng tower, is most a scene in West Lake numerous ancient towers is most also one tower romantically, regrettable the tower poured mountain falsely more than 70 years ago, even the mountain also changes glow of sunset mountain.
Glow of sunset summit of hill, leaf autumn and that shape high big of eccentric opposite but sign.See from the features.The leaf autumn height cannot compares with other people.Is very strong to actually differ far, the text text is infirmly weak.Is like one small be subjected to a male, really let people to he this battle don't entertain a hope.
The woman of cleverness always knows to be when should talking, when Jian Mo not language.Chen Mo Nong once sees this man make moves, those bodyguards haven't hurtled to the in front, be done not come to for the obfuscation clapping by his lance.
And, if this man not is to have to hold battle, fierce to stand in no fear of dead.Even if he isn't a Hang person of Su, but see Guo Cheng shine on the large groups shape of Ma Pu Yong of fresh dress Nu, should also know that his identity is remarkable.But he as to it's the Hao fearlessness fear to, even to Guo Cheng shine on don't show leniency as well, if not that Guo Cheng shines on of the bodyguard natural intelligence is still fairly good, again willing to give up put up capital to try to please him, this sword doesn't clap Guo Si Shao into Guo Si Sha can not.
There is emollient Yong, even if the intelligence quotient differed some, is already also the lord that a can hardly deal with.But see it talk sharp craftiness, even if the person that is like the boss's wife of teahouse this kind of polished and elegant can not have his cheapness in the orally as well.A language organizational skill thus quick man, if say his intelligence quotient is the lowest, perhaps is what no one will believe.
Chen Mo Nong knows that the leaf knows this man for autumn, because they are the first person who discovers this men.And, Chen Mo Nong guesses, this man discovers to face a window but sits of leaf autumn, so just arriving this teahouse to make is such a.He for the sake of the leaf autumn is since then.
The autumn of the leaf gives his evaluation is a half the person who can make him escape, the meaning is to say, isn't he the opponent of this eccentric?
Chen Mo Nong's hasing some to distress what oneself thought is also getting tooer many, if can be like other women so a face anxiously say several words for worrying, perhaps will be quite a few.But the personality make however, if she really and so did, oneself felt orientation not, afraiding of a leaf the autumn will also feel weird?The heart hangs Gao Gao of, but can be like a my daughter person the ground lovely stand the autumn is at the leaf of after death, even connecting the facial expressions on the faces can't have any variety.
The dripping rain Li Li underground wears, the drop is fallen the hair top and shoulder up, but Chen Mo Nong didn't avert from of meaning.Not there is an arbor in distance, that is used for avoiding for pedestrian to harm rain.She but don't want to move the meaning that the step walks over.Don't know how of, she is to don't want.Not only only is a body, but also have eyes.She is afraid at her to there walk over of time, 2 people divided victory or defeat.
"You again need not weapon?"The bedlamite carries on the shoulder oneself that disgustingly dirtily long face, looking at a leaf to ask a way for autumn.Is original heel a cluster of miscellaneous grass hair drive once the rain water sprinkle and on the contrary and meekly take on the forehead.Just look pole have pleased feeling, be like have no made-up instant noodles to hang on the head.
"Yes."The autumn of the leaf smiles to nod."Words like this, even if you won me, also knowing in have Kui."
Ye Qiu says words, suddenly the double Zhang together claps, that raindrop that is intensive while dropping down, drive hand dint of leaf autumn to changed to exercise of direction, to nail sort of toward the face top of eccentric beat pass by.
"You play Zha again."The eccentric angry ground roars a way, eyes are black-and-blue to open, flick the sword on the shoulder toward the front split pass by.
"You all admitted by yourself to isn't a gentleman, that I also have no the necessity goes to you what gentleman of gift."The autumn of the leaf talks of time, already avert from eccentric to roar and shout since then of lance, body be like a rabbit dynasty his back Rao past.
One inch is long, one is strong.One inch is short, insurance.But the hands can grow short, this is world's most severe to kill people sharp weapon.

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